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The wear reaction and the wide application of rough crusher

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Crushing machine points of light and heavy two, suitable for crushing Mohs hardness of two materials, the use of ring hammer coal. Crushing is also applicable to the following Mohs hardness of five brittle materials. Because the gravel ring hammer quality than pulverized coal quality, so which can improve the impact hammer rings, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing ores. Crushing machine, due to lower the overall level of development of China's mining equipment, production models of the domestic mining enterprises is still in scattered, small, chaotic state, caused by natural resources and energy of the great waste and loss, have caused great damage to the ecological environment, coal crusher iron ore processing equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection is the key.
Abrasion wear reaction crushing machine operation:
1, abrasive wear is the main way of common industrial material loss. The so-called abrasive wear refers to two surfaces in a surface than on a surface harder and direct contact and wear. In the process of contact, the hard surface will be pressed into the soft surface, and the deformation in the surrounding deformation. And when the two do cut to the movement, the more hard surface will dig the soft surface, which is soft debris will be blown out. The crushing machine is the main wear process can be represented by open three body abrasion.
2, abrasion wear rate with the change with many variables and the environment, this is a very complicated process. But the research of mining equipment especially for abrasion wear but has important practical significance to the rapid development of crushing equipment. Through the comprehensive analysis of the technical parameters, operating variables and the environment variables of the equipment, the whole rough machine industry will usher in a new technology innovation boom.
3, and along the surface of the grinding do rotating or sliding movement of the wear particles will cause one or two medium gap surface abrasion, wear and tear is generally divided into the open and close. Three - body abrasion can be eliminated by means of prevention, and open three body abrasion is crushing process concomitant with, so sand equipment and crushing equipment is can not be completely avoided. Open three body abrasion can be divided into planing, high stress and low stress three types. Three types, high pressure open three body abrasion in force can be broken abrasion particles even including some impact component, force is relatively large. While the low stress abrasion due to force a small open body cannot produce large crushing effect.
Coarse crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle materials. Crushed material for coal, salt, white, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, limestone, etc.. The compressive strength of the material is not more than 100 MPa, and the humidity is not more than 15%. The hammer type crusher can be used as the material of stone crushing, rock breaking, crushing, plastic crushing, crushing, crushing, etc..
Coarse crushing machine is also suitable for the grinding process of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Because of the influence of the raw material, many materials cannot be finished in one time to complete the whole process, and the process of rough grinding, fine grinding, ultra fine grinding and so on. The coarse crushing machine adopts horizontal structure, and the main shaft is supported by two rolling bearings, and the shaft is equipped with two power planes, each moving

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