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Ultra fine crushing machine

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Now on the market, the ultra fine crusher is a wide variety of properties, with the development of the industry, various types of mills are emerging, large-scale, general, and the general ultra fine, mechanical type air flow, how to choose their own material and crushing requirements of the machine becomes the top priority, below we detailed introduction of the selection of the ultra compact, hoping to help you.
1, if you require uniform uniform, need to use a low noise grinder or experimental use of the mill;
2, if you smash the brittle, hard type of Chinese medicine, the amount is small, tens of grams to a few kilograms, can choose a low noise mill, small high speed mill or experiment with a mill;
3, if you choose to smash western medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials can choose a low noise grinder, small high speed grinder, universal mill or experiment with the mill;
4, the output is big, can choose a universal mill;
5, if you can not have the slightest loss of the drug, need to use a small high-speed grinder;
6, if the crushed food raw materials can also choose the winnowing Chinese medicine grinder
7, if you choose Chinese smash, preferred winnowing grinder for traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine crushing machine, the utility model has the advantages of is of a different nature, traditional Chinese medicine can be crushed, degree of fineness is similar Chinese medicine grinder best, strong winds automatic cooling, heating body for a long time work is not easy, crushing from 0.5 kilograms to thousands of kilograms of May, a small amount of crushed WKX-160, amount of crushing crushing machine for WKX-230 or 200, 300 Chinese herbal medicine, large quantities of crushing crushing machine for 300 and 400 Chinese herbal medicine;
No matter how the development of the Super Micro Mill in fact his basic principle is still the same, but after some changes, so that it becomes more targeted, more suitable for the needs of a particular industry.

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