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Operation and maintenance of V type mixer

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Jiangyin across Machinery Co., Ltd. is the main product of ultra - mill, rough crusher, V - type mixer, slot mixer, etc..
Today to explain the use of the V type mixer, in the case of the belt running
First open the feeding port of the mixing machine, and confirm whether the discharge opening is closed, according to the process control requirements of the V type hopper within the provisions of the amount of material
Material. Feeding is finished, in order to prevent the material flow out of the mixture so that the material is to be closed and the feeding port is locked. Next is the time for the machine to work.
Power button, the stop button to rotate left, start the reverse button of the mixer, adjust the motor speed in the process of the speed of the product
600r/min mix. In the process of mixing the material to reach the required time, by adjusting the motor speed button to stop, the mixture should be stopped
The feeding port is on the ground, and the adjustment motor speed is transferred to the 0 bit V type mixer. Finally
The discharge is: open the V type mixing machine feeding port, with the provisions of the container loading at the discharge port, until exhausted in the hopper.
There are still a lot of need to pay attention to the installation and use of V hybrid machine, which is conducive to the maintenance of the V type mixer, the growth of his
Service life.
1, installation: installed machinery placed smoothly, machine feet, flat, make the mechanical energy to operate freely.
2, before using the first will be required to add a good oil, and then carry out no-load operation, check whether the fasteners are loose, electrical is normal, mechanical
Normal operation, such as abnormal, for the renovation and commissioning.
3, the charging port transferred to above, open the feeding cover of feeding, feeding amount can not exceed the specified volume, and then shut the feeding cover, start the machine into
Line operation, such as the discovery of abnormal, must stop check.
4, after work or replace the species must be within the hopper, rinse clean.
It is suitable for chemical, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries of powder material or material mixture. The machine structure is reasonable
Simple, simple operation, closed, and out of the material is convenient, (manual or vacuum feeding) cylinder body made of stainless steel, easy to clean, is the enterprise
One of the basic equipment.
The company is the domestic production of pharmaceutical, chemical, food machinery professional manufacturers, the main products are universal mill, crushing machine, ultrafine grinding
Machine, vibrating screen series, mixer series, mixer, V mixer, trough mixer, etc..

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