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Regular inspection of slot mixer is very important

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Before the test, the full extent of the connecting parts of the trough type mixer is checked first, and the oil quantity and the integrity of the electric apparatus in the reducer, and then the total switch is closed. In found no abnormal noise, bearing retainer is high fever, deceleration device temperature helicopter bad phenomenon, just can be put into production. In the operation for scraping mixer tank wall material, the application of bamboo cutting tool, not a hand, so as to avoid hand injury accident. The trough type mixing machine in use if found abnormal machine vibration or send abnormal noises, should immediately stop check.
The hybrid machine uses the load not to be too large, generally with the motor load to determine, with 380V motor in the mixed with heavy current, with no more than 6 ampere is normal, if exceed the load should immediately reduce the mixed capacity. Stirring paddle at both ends of the shaft seal should be kept clean and in order to avoid black material, metamorphism, mixing tank at both ends of the files left a square hole, should be smooth, never make jam, to avoid the effect of anti - pressure, make the dirt infiltration axis, make the material in the trough black, metamorphic. Management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure, control structure of the use principle of slot mixer. During operation shall not leave the place of work, to prevent the occurrence of failure and mechanical damage, to ensure the safety of production as the premise.
Regularly check the parts, 1-2 times a month, check the project to the worm wheel, a worm screw, bearing, seal and other segment of the rotating flexible and wear, lubrication of machine parts: gear lubrication by oil immersed, the oil storage must maintain standard in the oil line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as the frequent use of every three months for a new oil should be replaced, reducer and after cleaning, add new oil. Found the defect should be repaired in time, so that the normal use of the slot shaped mixing.

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