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Ultra mill in line with the pharmaceutical industry GMP certification

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Jiangyin City across Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of ultrafine comminution medicine allows using the stainless steel material, in line with the GMP requirements, production process is fully closed, there is no dust overflow materials, there is no loss; adaptability, of multi class, multi species, different characteristics, vary greatly in a variety of traditional Chinese medicine can adapt to, animal medicine, mineral medicine, ductile, brittle, high hardness, low hardness, containing fiber content, high oil content, high sugar content, and so on, with certain technical measure can be crushed to cell grade powder. Micro Mill is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry, chemical industry, scientific research, aerospace and other fields. The equipment is suitable for crushing material: nylon products, pet products, PP products, polyethylene products, food industry (such as: chili powder, pepper, etc.), hot melt adhesive, thermal plastic, thermosensitive adhesive and so on. Jiangyin city across the Machinery Co., Ltd. is the ultra - closed negative pressure operation, the powder in the process of grinding without any leakage, no environmental pollution, noise is small; rounded design, the use of quick installation, disassembly and installation is simple, easy to clean. Welcome new and old customers to buy!

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