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Ultra mill in the field of traditional Chinese medicine has a huge role in promoting

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With continuous shrinking of the wild resources of traditional Chinese medicines, especially valuable Chinese herbal medicine is faced with the depletion of the situation, how to better protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources and better and utilization of these valuable resources, more and more attention, below we took a few years this is speculation fiery Cordyceps sinensis to explain, superfine grinding machine for the problem of how to play great role in the face.
There has been a long history of Cordyceps sinensis after crushing to take, but for a long time, the traditional grinding fineness is not high, eat up still have sense of particles, actually also did not increase the absorption rate, high temperature crushing instead of Cordyceps sinensis in severe loss of nutrients and superfine grinder technology of Cordyceps sinensis broken, crushing Cordyceps cells at the same time, let the aweto nutrition is not lost, also reached the entrance of the taste, absorption rate is increased 3-5 times the benefits of. However face Cordyceps scarce resources common ultrafine comminution and difficult to achieve satisfactory degree, Jiangyin City across Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D and production of ZNC-300 small ultra micro pulverizer appear can be said to a good solution to this problem and through a few years this application has been recognized by the customers and the market. After superfine pulverizing Cordyceps sinensis has the following several outstanding advantages: 1, the essence remains unchanged: cryogenic comminution let Cordyceps not the loss of nutrients, pure Cordyceps sinensis powder is still 100% of wild Cordyceps sinensis. 2, grinding finer: Cordyceps sinensis was crushed to smoke, break the Cordyceps sinensis, nutrition, quick release, grinding fineness is 10 times more than traditional pharmacies grinder grinding fineness. 3, the taste is better: like chocolate, that is the entrance, eat pure Cordyceps powder broken more tasty. 4, to absorb the higher: eat 1 grams, is used to eat 3-5 grams of Cordyceps sinensis. The purpose and significance of the application of ultra fine grinding in the production of traditional Chinese medicine is not only on the chemical structure of the drug composition, but also by the state of the organism itself. For traditional Chinese medicine, the ultra - crushing of Chinese medicine can greatly increase the specific surface area of the drug, accelerating the absorption rate of the drug in the intestinal wall or other human mucosa. The application and development of traditional Chinese medicine ultra - crushing technology will play an important role in the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, but also bring huge economic benefits and good social benefits. As the earliest engaged in the development of Chinese herbal medicine, Jiangyin city across Machinery Co., Ltd. in the best time to develop the best time to remind ourselves, to pay more attention to the future of their own shortcomings, we also hope to use our professional knowledge and excellent equipment to provide you with more good crushing equipment, welcome new and old customers to visit the company guidance!

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