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Operation and characteristics of V type mixer

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  V type mixer is widely used in molecular biology, hybridization, breeding, fermentation, quarantine inspection, food, medicine, ecology, genetics, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields of microbial culture, optimization, screening and cell physiological and biochemical reactions, and so on.
The operation flow of the V mixer is as follows
1 simple operation mode is simple and convenient;
2 intelligent multi section programming operation mode in this mode, can be set up to 6 procedures section, the experimental process of different time set temperature, speed
And time parameters, adapted to different experimental requirements. Program automatic recording, easy to call; 3 temperature control accurate, uniform and accurate, uniform cavity
The consistency and repeatability of the experimental results of the temperature in the cultivation environment;
4 time setting range to meet the needs of the experimental needs, can set the 0~999 hours of running time, running time LCD screen displays the remaining time,
At the end of the sound of sound and light;
5 uniform acceleration startup to ensure that the experimental sample does not splash;
6 amplitude stepless adjustable to meet the needs of different factors such as the training samples of dissolved oxygen;
7 over temperature and sound and light alarm when the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature 3 c;
8 time abnormal display when the abnormal operation of the instrument, the LCD screen display abnormal reasons, timely reflect the operating state of the instrument;
9 calls automatically resume when running in the middle of the power, the re - call after the original program can automatically restore the V - type mixer
10 to open the door to protect the operation, the door is to stop the oscillation of the tray, to protect the operator's personal safety from accidental injury.
Below we first introduce the characteristics of the V type mixer:
1 automatically adjust the refrigeration coefficient to ensure that the operating temperature is not affected by the change of environment temperature and so on.
2. A number of alarm, protection functions over temperature alarm, protection, refrigeration overload protection, sensor failure alarm, safety door lock protection, leakage safety
3 new type of Brushless DC motor drive noise, high efficiency, high torque, speed stability, maintenance free.
4 tray design is flexible, easy to operate, the material resistance to corrosion of the vertical oscillator with the upper and lower layers of the upper and lower space can be loaded with different needs
The slide type of the table and the stack type of the oscillator can be drawn out of the box, and the sample is convenient to take the sample.
And the thread of the positioning holes to fixture replacement without removing the tray, convenient and quick; the surface of the tray by electrochemical treatment, corrosion resistance, no rust.
5 cross flow fan driven air circulation air pressure, exchange rate, low noise, long life.
6 microprocessor implementation of the automatic PID control to the temperature, the speed to achieve the setting value of V type mixer, and
To ensure the stability of these parameters in the running process.
7 highlight LCD clearly reflect the setting parameters and running state.
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