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Principle and application of slot mixer

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Jiangyin city across Machinery Co., Ltd. today to give you a piece on the slot type mixer, some common sense, as well as some of the application scope and principles of slot mixer! This paper will give a detailed introduction and analysis of slot machines. I hope you read carefully, we will be deeply infected with it. OK, let's come to the subject!
Mixing machine can mix a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, the raw materials of different ingredients evenly mixed together. It can also increase the contact surface area of the material to promote chemical reactions, but also to accelerate the physical changes, such as the role of a mixture of particles into the solvent, can accelerate the dissolution of mixed.
Commonly used hybrid machine is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixing machine, medium high viscosity liquid and paste mixture machine, hot plastic material mixing machine, powder and granular solid material mixing machine four kinds big.
So what is a mixer? Mixing machine is the use of mechanical force and gravity, etc., will be two or more than two kinds of materials evenly mixed up the machinery. Hybrid machinery is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, agriculture, construction and other industrial production and daily life.
This paper mainly introduces the solid material mixing machine. Powder, granular solid material mixing machine for intermittent operation, the current market has V type mixer, three-dimensional mixer and slot mixer, the three models. When mixed, all the materials are evenly distributed in the mix. Divided into ideal mixing, random mixing and completely immiscible three state mixed degree. The mixing degree of various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical state and the characteristics of the mixture, and the type and mixing operation duration of the mixture. Good fluidity of granular solids is mainly rely on the rotation of the container itself, or by moving parts in the container, repeated changes, the blending and can be mixed, the general use V type mixer. The flow is not very good, the proportion of the material is not enough to rely on a simple rotation is not enough, the need for a multi - directional and multi - angle role can be fully mixed. This situation is generally used in three-dimensional mixer or multi dimensional mixer. Liquidity is poor, with each other adhesion powdered or granular solid, is often required with a mechanical turning and pressing, rolling and mixing machine, the general use trough type mixing machine. Trough type mixer has its drawbacks as well as a person. No man is perfect, the world is not perfect. So we want to receive the pros and cons of any transaction. In this way, in order to be used in the application of slot machine more convenient, more can play its role.
Well, the above information is provided by the Jiangyin City, which spans the production of the trough type mixer. I hope everyone's support! Welcome customer to visit and give guidance

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