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Application of ultra fine crusher in food industry

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The food processing industry in China started late, and the deep processing of high and new technology in the food industry and agricultural and sideline products has not been effectively promoted and applied. In order to improve the innovation of agricultural deep processing technology and expand the space of farmers' income, the long-term (2006 to 2020) science and technology development plan, the implementation of agricultural science and technology development: to extend the agricultural industry chain, to promote the agricultural industrialization level and the comprehensive improvement of agricultural comprehensive benefits. To focus on the development of agricultural products deep processing, development of agricultural product processing and advanced technology and equipment, development to healthy food as the leading agricultural products processing industry, expand farmers' income space. China is a large agricultural country, can be used for food processing plant resources are very rich. However many nutrient rich plant stems and fruit due to the limit of the processing technology and difficult to direct edible and digested by the body, caused by feeding low results. To improve the use rate of feeding organisms is the purpose of development of deep processing technology. Across the brand superfine pulverizer is an effective solution to the plant cell wall broken and improve food texture and increase the key technology of digestion and absorption of the human body. In the health food, the significance of ultrafine grinding technology is more prominent. With the improvement of people's living standard, it is a trend to seek new health food. Due to our lack of advanced ultrafine grinding processing technology, the use of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products can not be a lot of, resulting in a waste of food resources. Such as wheat bran, oat bran, corn bran, rice bran, bean dregs etc mainly used as animal feed, do not have very good development and utilization.
How can it be done? And if can be done to make the food is really superfine? To what kind of ultra mill to complete it? This is one of the most concerned problems, the following is the analysis of these problems. The first ultra mill refers to the material processing to more than 300 meshes, shredders can play the effect of cell wall. 300 goals may not be very clear to the non professionals, that is to be described in millimeters. The 300 mesh is to refer to the ultra mill crushing, the material of a single particle diameter is 0.05 mm. 0.05mm powder and 0.5mm powder is easy to be absorbed by the human body. Those 300 eyes more than the powder will be easy to be absorbed by the human body. Second is the nature of the food is more complex, fibrous, brittleness, toughness, oily, and so on. The fibrous or brittle, ductile materials we can separate to crush, can achieve the effect of superfine powder. Finally, mixed with each other to achieve the desired effect. But for those containing different nature of the material we should take a mixed (that is, in several materials without adverse reaction conditions, parameters into some of the non oil material to smash) can also achieve the effect of ultrafine powder. At present, the market is divided into two kinds of ultra - mill, a type of air - flow - type ultra - mill, and then the mechanical type superfine mill. The former has no doubt about the effect of the chemical engineering, the latter to the food, the crushing effect of Chinese traditional medicine is considerable. The domestic and foreign experts have long agreed that nutritionists and health food containing rice bran bran dietary fiber is very high "". The fiber content of 43.9%, protein 17.6%, fat 8.3%. Eating these foods will be beneficial to the body's metabolism, and to prevent constipation, lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, etc.. In foreign countries, with the development of wheat bran fiber health food has become popular in the international market, popular with consumers. Rice bran is relatively strong fibrous material, plus proportion and relatively light, so to the grinder is relatively high, for ultrafine pulverizer is a relatively rare problem. I our production of ultrafine pulverizer can the bran crushing to more than 300 projects, so as to be able to meet the needs of the food industry, greatly improve the utilization rate. Buy ultra mill on the election of Jiangyin across the board!

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