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Installation and correct use of ultra fine crusher

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Today we talk about the use of the ultra - fine crusher:
1, ultra mill out of the box after the first carefully check equipment are in transit damage, then the high machine and auxiliary electric control device in place, and then is connected with a main auxiliary pipeline Road, each pipe flange assembly shall seal dyed "anchor 609" liquid sealant, guarantee the pipeline sealing, also the single and pipe flange with grounding wire connected and ground, in order to avoid the dust explosion caused by electrostatic discharge.
2, every single trial operation before the machine is required to check whether there are metal items, such as the exclusion of. Whether the bolts are firm, the tightness of the belt, the reliability of the shield, etc..
3, according to the following order start steady with Taiwan motor, start off the throttle, the mill - > filter - > grading device - > screw feeder - > open throttle - > wind closing device.
4, empty running five minutes later, the operator to carefully observe the control cabinet of the instruments, until the no-load current is stable, feeding. After feeding, does not allow current exceeds the rated value 32.6A, or should reducing the amount of blend, to ensure normal operation of the discharge electric timing.
5, in the following order stop, screw feeder - > run for five minutes after the can with the stop of crusher, dust collector, classifier - > closed wind.
6, the control of the stepless speed control of the classifier, can change the speed of the grading wheel, and to achieve the good adjustment of the products. If the product granularity is fine, can improve the speed, and vice versa.
Using a good ultra mill, it can prolong the service life of the equipment.

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