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Wide application of V type mixer in feed industry

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V type mixer series products are V - type highly efficient and asymmetric hybrid machine, which is suitable for chemical, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, metallurgy, etc.. One end of the machine with the motor and reducer, motor power through belt transmission to the reducer, reducer and then through the United Nations to pass to the V type bucket, so that the V barrel continuous operation, driven by the barrel material in the barrel, the left and right to mix, so as to achieve mixed results.
V type mixer is composed of two cylindrical shaped containers, the shape of the container is not symmetrical. Because of the rotary motion, the powder particles in the inclined cylinder, continuous alternating, split, merge; material randomly from one area to another area, while the particles of the powder particles have a slip.
Application of V type mixer in feed industry:
Used to feed factory will need to crushing the materials known as aggregates, including cereals and raw meal. Grain raw materials directly from the field. The impurity complex, mainly two: than raw cereal grain size impurities, such as stones, corn cob, gneissic, straw, hemp rope, plastic piece and so on; another kind is particle size smaller clay and fine sand. The most common feed mill grain cleaning device is a cylinder initial cleaning sieve. Its characteristics are high yield, low power consumption, miscellaneous in addition to the net rate is high, but in a capacity of more than 1000 tons silo, tons of mud and sand will deposited at the bottom of the cylinder base and will enter the process, which will make the production quality is seriously affected, but will exacerbate a variety of equipment, especially the pelletizer die wear. Therefore, the large feed mill can not ignore the raw material of the grain in the mud sand. Recommended food processing of vibration level sieve cleaning grains as raw materials, using different sieve double screen surface, both cleaning of large and complex, and can clean up the mud and sand. In addition, due to the use of metal wire mesh weaving, noise when the screen is much smaller than the cylinder using the first cleaning punching sieve.
But at present, the key and the core technology of China's feed mixer are basically dependent on the introduction of foreign technology, the ability of independent technological development and innovation is weak. Now foreign technology and equipment to enter China, the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises should become the subject of technological innovation. Should increase investment in scientific research and development, improve the enterprise technological innovation ability, based on doing the best, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
The characteristics of V type hybrid machine is unique in the feed processing industry. The mixed results are different. The V type mixer can mix many kinds of materials into a homogeneous mixture, such as in the feed industry, the ingredients of different ingredients can be mixed together.

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