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Cross machine to the credibility of the ultra micro mill Market

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Jiangyin crossing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established since 2008, has been working in consultation of superfine pulverizer and electromechanical integration equipment, R & D, production, sales, commissioning, maintenance and other services, to sales of powder processing equipment, TCM crushing equipment, liquid powder packaging equipment and laboratory crushing drying equipment mainly.
Jiangyin across Machinery Co., Ltd., has not forgotten the customer's demands, on the moral character has a firm hold, the next, Jiangyin across the Machinery Co., Ltd. all employees will be a hundred times more enthusiastic and more careful work attitude for customers from all walks of life, more quality products for customers.
Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, to maintain the "customer first" principle to provide quality service for broad customers. Xing Shilihe product touched the Chinese medicine crushing, crushing western medicine, test chamber mill, ultrafine pulverizer, variety complete, excellent workmanship, products to enter the mainland since by various users and, all sorts of equipment sales is steadily rising.
At the same time, Jiangyin across the Machinery Co., Ltd., a careful promise, where the purchase of all Taiwan from the company's products, are guaranteed for one year, and lifetime supplies and accessories. Xing TGPM mill, won the opportunity for the development of credit.
In order to better serve the capital market, but also to give Beijing various industries crushing equipment to add a good choice, we go through with the Taiwan equipment, general agent of the continental area of close consultation, from 2010, by my company's full line of Taiwan origin of all types of equipment, filling equipment, Chinese medicine processing equipment, etc..

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