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Attention to the operation of V hybrid machine

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In the use of V type mixer must be detailed understanding of the operating procedures, such as and its maintenance and the service life of the machine, as well as the safety of the operator is very important; the following Jiangyin across the Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with many years of operational experience to explain how to operate:
Check the mixing machine should be no foreign body, hopper inner wall should be dry V type mixer to close the feeding port and discharge port. Turn on the power supply button, turn the stop button to the left, the power indicator light should be displayed correctly as red. Check the material around the machine should be no obstacles, so as to avoid mixing machine running when the magnetic hit obstacles, causing accidents.
Start the reverse button of the mixer, adjust the speed of the motor, and the mixing machine should be running in slow speed.
In the course of operation, the machine body should be operated at a constant speed without exception. By adjusting the motor speed button to stop the machine, the material feeding port is on the ground, and the speed of the motor will be adjusted to the 0 position, and the stop button is rotated to the right and the power is cut off.
Open the feeding port of the mixing machine, and re confirm that the discharge port is closed, and the amount of material required for the V type hopper is controlled according to the process control. Feeding, closing the feeding port and locking the material to prevent the material flow out of the mixture. On the power button, the stop button to rotate to the left, start the reverse button of the mixing machine, adjust the motor speed in the process of mixing.

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