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Mill working principle and characteristics

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Ultra low temperature mechanical crusher, the crusher consists of a hopper, a draught fan, a cyclone, vibrating screen, liquid nitrogen tank etc.:
1 working principle:
The mill system uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source, and the material is crushed by cooling at low temperature, and the material is smashed into the machine.
In the machine chamber, the material and the blades, the material and the material are repeated impact, impact, shear and friction.
And so on, to achieve the crushing effect:
The materials after being crushed with airflow screen grader classification and collection: did not meet the requirements of the fineness of the material bin returns to smash, cold
Most gas recycle bin return:
2 features:
The mill system in the process of material crushing, the cold source form a closed circuit system, so that the energy is fully utilized, save energy
The cooling source temperature can be reduced to 196 degrees, according to the material's brittle point temperature, the temperature can be controlled in the process of grinding, and the best powder is selected.
Crushing temperature, reducing energy consumption:
Crushing fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, even reach micron micron: using liquid nitrogen as the grinding medium, to achieve ultra low temperature crushing
The comprehensive effect of material's explosion proof, anti oxidation, etc.:
3 main technical parameters:
(1), mill diameter 450mm studio
(2), mill power: 45KW (total power 57KW)
(3), working medium: liquid nitrogen
(4), working temperature: 0 degrees to 197 degrees
(5), crushing fineness: 10-1000 mesh (can reach micron micron)
4 the whole set of equipment process flow configuration:
Liquid nitrogen tanks, silos, mechanical pulverizer, fan, a cyclone discharger, secondary cyclone, airflow rotary screen, automatic feed feeding machine:
5 use range:
The mill system is used in various materials which can not be crushed under normal temperature, and is widely used in various chemical, petrochemical, mechanical, marine, automotive industry.
Industry, electronics industry, clothing, paint, printing, engineering plastics, rubber, thermoplastic materials, food industry (pepper, pepper, etc.)

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