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Self suction type superfine disintegrator new models and new performance

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Across the board since the suction superfine crusher is my company designed, developed an efficient superfine pulverizer, material crushing and grading of silt is installed on the same machine body, and each independent operation. The machine has the features of wide, compact structure, stable performance, power consumption, wide adaptability, no grinding, fine grinding, maintenance, etc., widely used in chemical, dyes, coatings, medicine, food and other industries in various fields. Especially for heat sensitive materials, sticky material has good crushing effect.
A suction, across the ultra mill structure and working principle of self brand:
The machine feeding mouth into the crushing chamber, in the crushing chamber is under the impact of the high-speed rotation of the blade, so that the material thrown to the tooth ring fixed on the body, resulting in impact, shear, as well as the material and the material, material and the blades, gear between the mutual collision and friction and shear of alternating crushing. After crushing the material, in the crushing chamber side of high speed wind leaf produced by positive pressure air thrust, starch grains to overcome the weight, along with the air flow across the screen, the powder discharging pipe into the cyclone collector is discharged through the discharge valve. A part of the ultrafine dust is absorbed by the pulse dust collector, and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere after the dust removal.
Two, across the board self-priming performance characteristics of superfine pulverizer:
1, because the machine cavity has a wind vane structure, wind machine equipment operation leaves cavity
Air to blow out, take away the heat generated inside the machine chamber, and a steady stream of air, so the machine chamber will not produce heat, to ensure that the characteristics of the material will not change.
2, because the machine chamber will not produce heat, and the machine has a very strong air flow
So for some of the discharged material, heat sensitive materials, an adhesive material can be successfully crushed.
3, the machine overcomes the universal grinder machine cavity of viscous material, easy to heat, heat sensitive material
Material for long time to crush the machine cavity, causing damage to the device, the phenomenon of material failure occurs, can be used as a new type of alternative universal grinder.
4, the machine is due to the machine itself produces an outward pull of the wind. So in the process of grinding
Reach as long as required to crush the mesh material (crushed mesh number through the screen) are out of the wind brought out, won't stay for a long time in the machine chamber, so the device more crushing yield than that of the ordinary universal grinder output is higher, can well meet the requirements of customers on material production.
Three, cross brand since the main technical parameters of superfine pulverizer suction:
Crushing cutter diameter: 400mm
Spindle speed: 4200r/min
Main motor power: 15Kw
Fan power: 2.2Kw
Material motor power: 0.75Kw
Crushing capacity: 50-500Kg/h
Fineness: 10-120 mesh (mesh according to the regulation)
Dimensions: 1700*1200*2300 (mm)
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