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Application of ultra fine crusher in tea industry

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With the development of the industry, the type of the mill is also more and more, and the crushing principle is also different. Because of its small footprint, easy installation, low investment cost and low cost, it is applied more and more in various industries. Along with the development of modern science and technology, the introduction of the technology of ultra fine grinding of plants has gradually become a mainstream trend. Ultra fine crusher is the most popular application of the most popular products in the market of tea crushing equipment market. There are many kinds of tea in the future. In the food industry can be added as a natural additive pastry, pastry, beverage etc., like ice cream, cakes, improve colour and taste and has certain health care function; in the cosmetic industry can join such as toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, facial mask and so on, and enhance the product's features. Especially in foreign countries, the application of ultra fine powder is very extensive, China has a large number of ultra fine powder of tea export Japan, Europe and other markets.
At present domestic tea ultrafine crusher Market is very active, many manufacturers competing Ma Chao micro mill project, the emergence of a different forms of ultramicro tea mill, the effect also each has his strong point. The fineness of the flush tea powder can be fully formed suspension, mouth feel and excellent, no any particles and a sense of discomfort, it is also testing the fineness of the tea powder commonly used a method. Because tea contains a lot of heat sensitive material in grinding process due to friction and other factors inevitably will produce heating phenomenon. If overheated, the tea powder will become yellow or gray, the effectiveness of a lot of. In order to avoid this kind of situation, the ultra fine tea mill specially equipped with the cooling system, from the structure uses the air cooling, let the air take a part of the heat, simultaneously in the crushing chamber periphery to install the water cooling machine to carry on the circulation cooling. So the whole process temperature rise is very low, ensure the quality of tea powder.
Because of the heavy metal content in imported tea and so on, it is very strict, in addition to the cultivation process because of chemical fertilizer, water, soil and other factors, in the process of grinding is also easy to pollution, so this is an important factor affecting the quality of ultrafine tea powder. Jiangxi Wuyuan tea customers had inspection Hangzhou Ministry of Agriculture Tea key laboratory detection, which heavy metal content of a are not exceeded. This is a special machining process of the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel of the ultra mill.
Ultrafine mill has been used in all major tea producing areas of the country, the basic use of the production of ultra fine tea powder. In practical application, it has made a great contribution to the improvement of the product and the quality of the product.

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