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Technical advantages of Chinese herbal medicine mill

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In the use of Chinese herbal medicine in the use of the general does not use the coarse crushing machine, universal mill, ultrafine mill, and some crushing machinery, for the middle of the grass
The crushing of the medicine is now basically the use of special Chinese herbal medicine.
1, the use of more handy, and no pollution, to maintain the health of the operator;
2, the motor rotor using cold rolling plate, enamel coating line of high temperature 150-200 (Du You);
3, and the physical contact part of the use of high-quality 314 stainless steel material, with health standards (unique);
4, brush 839 grinding material is extremely wear-resistant (Du You);
5, the commutator silver copper alloy (Du You);
6, the crushing blade uses the high quality 13 stainless steel nickel chromium (unique).
7, durable motor and bearing, free of charge for one year, life-long service;
Customers would like to know more about the structure and performance of the universal mill, ultra - mill, and the coarse crusher, can continue to focus on the site.

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