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Application of ultra fine crusher in environmental protection industry

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The application of vertical ultra fine crusher in the environmental protection industry by crossing the brand WFJ series
WFJ series of ultra - mill is a highly effective and ultra - fine crushing machine, which is designed and developed by our company. The machine has the features of wide, compact structure, stable performance, power consumption, wide adaptability, no grinding, fine grinding, maintenance, etc., widely used in chemical, dyes, coatings, medicine, food and other industries in various fields.
WFJ series vertical ultra micro mill for our company patented product, obtained a number of patents, and won the Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Department of high-tech product certification, and through the European CE certification, exports to Europe (Italy, France, Sweden, etc.), the United States, Southeast and other countries and regions, to obtain the good reputation of customers.
The vertical ultrafine pulverizer host is composed of a machine frame, stepless speed reducer, automatic to feeder and crushing chamber, the crushing chamber with grading device, gasket, crushing knife of major working parts such as automatic feeder will materials are pushed into the crushing chamber, because the action of the negative pressure into crushing chamber materials by crushing blade high speed to rush out and shear, but also by the eddy current generated by the high-frequency vibration effect and crushing, the crushed material due to the action of the negative pressure in the classification round, by the grading wheel rotation speed to control fineness.
The crushing chamber is independent of the crushing spindle and the main shaft and the crushing shaft are treated by heat treatment, which not only increases the strength of the shaft, but also prevents the phenomenon of bearing damage from the relative high-speed operation.
The grinder can according to different material with different crushing knife form, mainly in the prismatic knife, cutter cylindrical, T shaped knife, multilayer type blade form, to meet the needs of different materials, so as to achieve better crushing effect.
Because of the high speed running of the shaft and the shaft, the high speed running produces high heat, so we can make the water cooling mechanism in the inner chamber, the guide ring and the bearing seat, which ensure that the temperature of the machine is less than 50 degrees Celsius.
The cyclone separator of the mill uses a unique lower spiral structure, which ensures that 95% of the finished products are discharged by the automatic discharging valve at the lower part of the cyclone separator, and the flap device is arranged at the bottom of the cyclone separator to prevent the material from sticking to the wall.
Part of ultrafine dust into the dust collector, pulse dust removal by the dust remover, good dust removing effect, effectively prevent the filter bag is blocked. The bottom of the dust collector is provided with a butterfly valve, which is discharged in the butterfly valve after the fine dust collection, and the material will not be wasted. Also very environmentally friendly, in the environmental protection industry in an indispensable dust removal equipment. Welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance of the company!

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