Reciprocating cutter

[product description]
Across the board WEQJ-200 type reciprocating medicine cutting machine main application: cutting and preparation of this machine can be used in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine before crushing, cutting and preparation of the roots, fruits, leaves, grass and other Chinese herbal medicines. It can also be used in food (hair, preserved fruit) seafood (kelp), tobacco, tea, cut processing.
Technology parameters of the type WEQJ-200 type reciprocating cutter:
Production capacity 80-500
Slice thickness (mm) 1-35 (stepless adjustable)
Knife gate size (mm) 200 x 50
Motor power (kw) 3
Dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 620 x 980 x 1800
Weight (kg) 450

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