Drum type washing machine

Detailed parameters
[product description]
XYJ series of drum type washing machine mainly uses: This product of herbs, vegetables, fruits, surface sediment and impurities, bacteria with good washing effect. Suitable for cleaning of 2 mm above the roots, bark, seeds, fruits, shells, minerals, bacteria and algae is long pieces of all kinds, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals ideal cleaning equipment.
XYJ series drum type washing machine working principle: This machine adopts simplified rotary. And equipped with high-pressure spray pump, water resource can use water directly, or tank in the circulating water in the second, with spiral guide plate push material, the implementation of continuous production, automatic discharging, of special varieties can be repeated to shun to wash. Instead of the traditional manual operation method, improve the labor intensity and site pollution, with high power, low noise, easy maintenance, etc., in accordance with the requirements of GMP.
XYJ series drum type washing machine technical parameters:
Parameters of model parameters (kg/h) barrel body speed (RPM) motor power (kw) voltage (V), machine weight (kg), (mm), (t/h) flushing time (s)
Type 900 8-10 0.5-5 4.53809003150 x 1850 x 1200 60-100 800-1000
Type 103.73807002800 300-500 850 x 1300 x 720 60-100 0.5-5
Type 122.63806002700 100-300 700 x 1150 x 500 60-100 0.5-5

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