Frying machine

Detailed parameters
[product description]
CY type of the main purpose of the machine: This machine is used for processing of Chinese traditional medicine
Characteristics of CY type: the machine adopts stepless speed regulation, and is more suitable for the processing of Chinese traditional medicine. Can use three kinds of heating methods: electric, fuel, gas.
CY type frying drug machine working principle: through the heating cylinder rotating cylinder and blades of the traditional Chinese medicine were turning so as to achieve the purpose of processing and processing.
Technical parameters of CY type of drug:
Technical parameter model 640B type 640A
The cylinder size (mm diameter) 640 x 700640 x 100
Processing capacity (kg/h) 80-240 50-180
Cylinder speed (RPM) 10-35 (speed control)
Dimensions (mm) 2100 x 14002400 x 1300 x 1400

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